The Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR) is the oldest and broadest European association of local and regional governments. We are the only organisation that brings together the national associations of local and regional governments from 42 European countries and represents, through them, all levels of territories – local, intermediate and regional. CEMR has historically been a pioneer on gender equality at local level. From organising the first conferences of local elected women in the 1980s to establishing the Charter on Equality of Women and Men in Local Life, which today counts over 1650 signatory cities in 34 European countries. | @ccrecemr

Bilbao City Council

Metropolitan Bilbao is home to around half the population and economic activity of the Basque Country, one of the most competitive European regions. Bilbao is a city that has been able to turn “problems” into “opportunities”.  The need for change, due to the decline of the industrial era, made the way to the new post-industrial metropolis. Over the last 30 years Bilbao has evolved to a modern and reliable city, it is efficient, friendly and an attractive place to live, work and visit. Today, the economic and social environment and climate of the city stimulates the development of new technologies, promotes innovative industry, with high added value, and boosts the tourism, culture, leisure and services of an advanced society. Bilbao is a city open to the world.

EUDEL-Association of Basque Municipalities

EUDEL is a reference in the Basque municipal arena, recognised as an authentic and efficient partner of local governments with other institutions in promoting coordination and consensus on public policies. Its key mission as an association is to facilitate a common meeting space and to represent the general interests of local governments. Some of its main objectives include: 

  • Coordinating the dialogue of local governments with other institutions working towards designing, developing and implementing public policies. 
  • Promoting and defending municipal autonomy. 
  • Developing the European spirit and commitment among Basque local governments, encouraging their participation and representation in different European and international bodies.

EUDEL works to facilitate the connection with Europe, implementing the actions and good practices of the Basque municipalities and participating in forming European policies to satisfy the interests of Euskadi (Basque Country). At a European level, EUDEL represents local Basque governments in the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR) and in the Congress of Regional and Local Authorities of the Council of Europe. Furthermore, in July 2015 the CEMR conferred EUDEL the Chair of its Standing Committee for Equality, currently represented by Ibon Uribe, Mayor of Galdakao. 

EUDEL takes the European Charter for Equality of Men and Women in Local Life as its reference and since 2009 has promoted and coordinated the Network of Basque Municipalities for Equality and against Violence towards women (Berdinsarea). Inspired by the European Model of multi-level governance, the network is also backed by the Basque Government, and coordinates its work with the Provincial Councils of the three territories of the Basque Autonomous Community (Álava/Araba, Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa).
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