From words to action

Gender-balanced leadership

Equality of women and men is a core value and close to the heart of CEMR and its member associations. CEMR does not only seek to stimulate progress on the ground in European towns and municipalities, but also in its own bodies. 

Thanks to an equal representation quota (minimum 40% of the under-represented sex) for CEMR’s main political body, we currently count 46% women and 54% men among our elected representatives. 

CEMR works on multiple fronts to transform how we do things in our own organisation. We… 

  • · strive for balanced representation in panels at CEMR events.
  • · mainstream gender in our thematic work and activities.
  • · encourage members to pursue equality within their structures.
A diverse and committed team

14 languages spoken, 13 nationalities represented, 22 women and 16 men…the CEMR team is diverse in every sense of the word.

These differences complement the many talents gathered in our team. We are proud to live our credo and reflect the Europe that we represent.